My web

She walks with her hands over her eyes, peeping through her fingers as she treads lightly around my web.

I’m sitting in the centre, observing her.

Her fatal attraction.

Her better judgement.

Her skill at tracing the edge as she walks.

One false step. I whisper.

Please deliver me that. I implore the heavens never taking my eyes off her.

I can tell that she wants to jump in but by her side is someone holding her hand, pulling her away from the edge.

Her head turns to them, releasing her hand covering her eyes.

She’s forgetting me with every second that her head is turned.

I’m still sitting in the middle of the web. Unable to move. Unwilling to move.

I pluck a silky strand, drumming on it with quickening speed.

My web bounces and sends energetic waves to the edges.

Turn back, they sing.

Just one look. I whisper.

As they lead her away, further into the distance.

She was never yours.

Photo by micah boswell on Unsplash

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